"Wander by body –
Wander by soul!
Your journey"Born In Barcelona


The story of each jewel BORN IN BARCELONA is your story. It's born by us. It accompanies you, on your travel around the world or in your mind.

The idea sprang on wanderings through Barcelona. The jewellery BORN IN BARCELONA resembles cities vibrations, sensations and the "here" & "now" whatever "here", whatever "now" is... We merge worlds, cultures, ideas and experiences.

Design and materials

We love to create. Hence, our jewellery is created in limited editions 1+21 originals, which will never be re-created again. We keep one and the following 21 are for you. Only 22 unique designer pieces in the whole world and the whole history. The specific original line may be even smaller - most of all – because we might not be able to find enough substance to create them.

The basic components are assembled with top quality leather from one of the most prestigious companies in Catalonia. The metal components come with anti-allergic finish. The exceptionality/uniqueness of the jewellery sparks through the various components found during our journeys - at the most forgotten parts of the world.

So it stems a perfect harmony of the jewellery BORN IN BARCELONA, which is not only an accessory, but also a closest partner to the personality of its owner.


The design of the jewellery is created by two world-wanderers, hand-made by artificers in Barcelona and coming to you in a special bag hand-made by a sewer from the heart of Slovakia. The world is beautifully small. Fits just on your hand...

There are real people with their real stories and real lives behind the hand-made jewellery BORN IN BARCELONA. No mass production. This is the only way the jewels get their soul.

Contact / eshop

In case of interest for information or prices of the bracelets, please contact us via direct direct message on Instagram/ Facebook or email.